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 TOP Preventive Measures Against Boryokudan Specific cases of response Specific cases of response

1) Risk Management by the Leader
  Receptionists and tellers should confirm and   
  record the visitors’ names and number and   
  report to the representatives and take them   
  to a specified reception room.
2) Confirming the identity and business
  of the visitor

  Relax and confirm the visitors’ name, address,   
  affiliation, and phone number and their specific   
  business. If the visitor is a substitute, remember   
  to confirm the letter of attorney.
3) Specifying a venue for reception
  Choose a location where help can be called   
  swiftly and responses can be made with ease of   
  mind (a reception room in your office). Do not go   
  to an office or place specified by Boryokudan.
4) Number of responders
  One way to overwhelm Boryokudan can be   
  to respond to the visitor with greater   
  Pre-designate each person’s role.
5) Limiting Time of Response
  If the time of response is too long, one could be   
  forced into the pace of Boryokudan. The time of   
  response should be clearly pre-specified e.g.   
  “We have a meeting from so and so time so   
  we must finish talking by so and so time”.
6) Being careful with words
  Boryokudan will force a confrontation to make   
  individuals say the wrong things or use their   
  words to advantage. Never say “I’m sorry”   
  “We will discuss” or “We will think about it”.
7) Do not draft, sign, or stamp documents
  Boryokudan may say “We will forgive if you write   
  a document” in memorandum or apology, but   
  they will demand compensation in cash or kind at   
  a later date on the basis of such documents.   
  They may also use the name of a charity or   
  other social activities so never sign or stamp.
8) Never reply immediately or sign a contract
  Response to Boryokudan should be done as a   
  group, do not immediately give into their demands   
  or sign contracts. Boryokudan members think   
  that the chance is before company policy is   
  decided so will push for an immediate answer.
9) Do not allow business owners and those
  with decision making powers respond

  If the decision makers respond directly,   
  Boryokudan will demand an immediate answer and   
  from the next meeting demand to meet the same   
  representatives every time.
10) Do not serve tea
  Serving tea is a sign of accepting the presence   
  of Boryokudan. The cups may also be used as   
  projectiles for threats. They are not guests so   
  serving tea is not necessary.
11) Record all responses
  The content of phone calls and meetings can be   
  used for criminal investigations and legal   
  directives so make the visitor aware and keep   
  notes, recordings, and video.
12) Do not lose the opportunity to report
  to police

  Avert needless trouble and prevent damages and   
  incidents by routinely contacting police and   
  Centers for the Elimination of Boryokudan.

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