Public Corporation - The Hyogo Prefectural Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan

 TOP Let's eliminate Boryokudan! "Three No's plus One" campaign to eliminate Boryokudan
 Fear comes from “wrong images”- Fear encourages Boryokudan activity -
  ・Boryokudan are not scary. Discuss with others to unite and respond.
  ・Adopt a stance of confrontation by not fearing Boryokudan and “not allowing its existence”
 Money is the beginning of a “rotten relationship” - Money results in
 supporting and accepting Boryokudan -
  ・Giving money to Boryokudan results in consequently accepting Boryokudan and aiding them secure funds.
  ・Boryokudan will continue to demand money and wring you dry once it realizes it can do so.
  ・Boryokudan is a group that is constantly sniffing around for funds for its leisure and activities.
 Making everyone their sponsor - this is Boryokudan’s stance -
  ・You will be sucked dry to the bone even if you thought you were taking advantage of Boryokudan.
  ・Boryokudan do not work for free and demand outrageous sums.
  ・When Boryokudan see that their prey is weak and loose, they will continue to bite and refuse to release.
 Contact with Boryokudan will “support Boryokudan activity - Boryokudan
 will use every means available to become close.-
  ・Contact with Boryokudan in any way could be a gateway to exorbitant demands
  ・Contact with Boryokudan may result in being judged as “an individual in a relationship with Boryokudan in a socially unacceptable manner” and may be subject to being denied public services.

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